We have MRIYA: Sumy State University hosted a webinar on countering kremlin propaganda

26 September 2022
Teachers of the Department took part in the second online presentation of the electronic platform «MRIYA». The main goal of the platform is to counteract kremlin propaganda and fake resources on the Internet.

The teacher of the Department was trained under the Google Digital Tools For Education program

19 September 2022
This year, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine, with the support of Google Ukraine, organized free training within the framework of the "Google Digital Tools for Education" program in order to expand the possibilities of using digital tools for organizing distance learning and improving the efficiency of the educational process. The basic training platform of the training course is the subject of professional development Academy of Digital Development.

Chance for Science Network

11 September 2022
On September 8-9, 2022, an international online conference for scientists affected by the war in Ukraine "Chance for Science" was held. The event was organized by scientists from the German University of Leipzig. The online meeting was moderated by Professor Carmen Bachman. The purpose of this international informational scientific and practical event was to support scientists who migrated due to the war events in Ukraine, as well as those who remained on the territory of Ukraine and continue to work in difficult conditions.

Scientific activity: congratulation to the lecturer of our department on the release of the foreign monograph "Theoretical Foundations of Pedagogy and Education" in the publishing house of the United States of America

09 September 2022
The English-language section of the monograph "European and Ukrainian methodological backgrounds in forming language competence of international students" (author - Inna Levenok, Doctor of Philosophy, teacher of the department) was published in the US publishing house (Boston).

What do you need to know to save a life

05 September 2022
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens Diadchenko Hanna Viktorivna visited 6-hours training from doing first pre-medical help. Training was organized by the Ukrainian Red Cross Association.

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