In the Linguistic Center of Slavic Languages you can learn to speak and write in Ukrainian and Russian, and also improve your knowledge.

Experienced teachers will help you to learn the Ukrainian and Russian languages in accordance with these types of programs:

  1. General or standard course is suitable for those who want to master conversational speech and expand vocabulary.
  2. Intensive course is created for those who have little free time, but need an immediate result).
  3. Individual lessons help quickly and efficiently eliminate gaps in knowledge.


Studying the language in Ukraine gives foreign citizens the opportunity to feel themselves part of Ukrainian society, to join Ukrainian culture and traditions.

Due to the Ukrainian (Russian) language courses in the 2018/2019 academic year, about 60 foreign students increased their level of language proficiency.

In addition, as a part of the Center's activity, teachers of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens used modern resources during educational process: newly published workbooks for independent study, methodological instructions, etc.


The list of educational programs

The program

Form of studying

Program’s contents


Corrective course of Ukrainian/Russian as a language of studying

Individual lessons/courses

Practical course of language. Fundamentals of grammar. Speech development. Scientific style of speech. Final examination.


Spoken Ukrainian/Russian language

Individual lessons/courses

Introductory phonetical training. Basic dictionary and the grammar of the spoken speech. Communicational training on every day and conversational topics: speaking, reading, listening, role-playing, project assignments, tests, independent work. Final examination.


Intensive course of Ukrainian/Russian

Individual lessons/courses

Corrective course on phonetics and grammar. Features of lexical and syntactic organization of speech. Terminology. Communicative training on scientific issues. Final examination.


Ukrainian/Russian for beginners

Individual lessons/courses

Sound system of Ukrainian / Russian. Reading rules. Fundamentals of grammar. The basic models of sentences. Technique of constructing spoken phrases - from simple to complex. Understanding speech by ear. Letter, electronic correspondence. Reading and discussion of texts. Final examination.


The Linguistic Center of Slavic Languages offers Ukrainian/Russian language editing and proofreading services.


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