03/07/2023 Inna Levenok, a lecturer of our Department, used the opportunity to listen to the lecture "How to Write a Great Research Paper and Get it Published", which was held by the most cited researcher Yury Gogotsi. Obtaining new knowledge became possible with the assistance of the Ukraine Global Faculty.

In the process of implementation of the EU Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project, on February 24, 2023, the lecturer of our Department, Inna Levenok, held an online meeting with the Ukrainian students of the A2BIEM2-22 group and the foreign guest Al Bakhlouz Al Washak Samer Wade' (Jordan), a graduate of the Preparatory Department  (graduation 2022), a member of the Ukrainian-language hub-laboratory “Ukr.Lang.Laboratory for foreign students” on the Facebook network and the “PF.Lang.Laboratory group”, an artist at heart and a doctor by profession.

On January 19, 2023, within the framework of the hub-laboratory "Ukr.Lang.Laboratory for foreign students", the lecturer of our Department, Inna Levenok, implemented the second author's project called "BIEM of Sumy State University: united by the language of professions (foreign and Ukrainian students)". Remind you, that the hub-laboratory functions within the framework of the grant project "Eurovalid" with the assistance of the EU Erasmus+, Module Jean Monnet. 

Teachers of the department annually participate in the "Pedagogical Innovations of Sumy State University" competition. This year was no exception, teachers do not stand aside, but work on the development of new modern forms and methods of learning, their distribution and active implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process to ensure a high level of quality of providing educational services to students of higher education.

Congratulations to the lecturers of the Language Training of Foreign Citizens Department of Sumy State University  - Olha P. Sydorenko and Inna S. Levenok, who implement the Jean Monnet Module Program, Erasmus+ with the assistance of the European Union (head of the EV/Eurovalid grant project group - Olha P. Sydorenko; author of the idea of ​​the grant of the EV/Eurovalid project and a member of the project group - Alina V. Chernyakova; head of the language hub-laboratory "Ukr.Lang.Laboratory for foreign students" co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union - Inna S.Levenok).

Yesterday, 03.01.2023, the author's project by lecturer Inna Levenok "UNITED BY THE LANGUAGE OF PROFESSION: FOREIGN AND UKRAINIAN STUDENTS - ELIT FACULTY" was implemented (with the support of the Ukr.Lang.Laboratory for foreign students and the PF.Lang.Laboratory group for foreign listeners of Preparatory Department). Intercultural dialogue between Morocco and Ukraine.

From October 17, 2022 to November 8, 2022, the teachers of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens Inna Levenok, Nataliia Nimenko successfully completed training under the advanced training program "On electronic means and distance learning technologies".

December 2nd, 2022 Senior Lecturer of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens Hanna V. Diadchenko took part in ХI Olomouts symposium of the Ukrainian studies researchers «Ukrainian studies in the new millennium: problems of language, literature and culture». Scientific event was held online on the ZOOM platform.

On November 21, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Dignity and Freedom every year. This holiday is celebrated in honor of two revolutions: the Orange Revolution (2004) and the Revolution of Dignity (2013).

Since 2018, the Department of language training for foreign citizens holds the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Scientific community of students of the XXI century". Its goal is to attract students to scientific work, including foreign students, increasing their interest in new scientific knowledge and discoveries, exchange of experience of scientific and pedagogical workers.

A meeting with the Rector of SumDU Vasyl Karpusha was held on November 11th, at 14.00. Lecturers of the Department of Language Training took part in the online broadcast, which took place on the Microsoft Teams platform.

09.11.2022 the Day of the Ukrainian Language and Writing was held at SumDU (Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications)!

On the 8th of November the event «With Ukraine in the Heart» took place, within the framework of the implementation of the Jean Monnet Module of the Erasmus+ international program on the topic «European values of intercultural dialogue in education: interdisciplinary and inclusive approaches» (EUROVALID) and within the framework of the project «National value and patriotic education of the personality in the process of language training in system of international university education under martial law (online format)». Which was organized by the teachers of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens Nataliya Pylypenko-Fritsak and Associate Professor Alina Chernyakova. This event was attended by foreign students-members of the "Descendants of Hippocrates" group and Ukrainian students.

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