Post Date:
05 March 2021

Lecturers of the Department of Language Training for foreign Citizens Tetiana O. Dehtiarova, Hanna V. Diadchenko, Olha M. Skvarcha created the student’s book “Ukrainian as a Foreign Language. Elementary Course”.

The student’s book includes grammar and lexical material important for the mastering Ukrainian by the foreigners on the elementary level. There are also various practical assignments of different levels, grammar tables, dialogues, close-tests and the Ukrainian-English dictionary by each lesson. The book is illustrated with the original photos and pictures.
Aiming at reading and monologic speaking skills development the short adopted texts are presented. Such texts get  theforeign students acquainted to the common modern Ukrainian literary words. The material is presented due to the requirements spelled out in the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (Level А2).
The Student’s Book may be used during the classwork under the supervision of a lecturer as well as in process of the student’s individual work, including the training before the certification examination for the Ukrainian language.

If use Departments of Foreign Languages materials, the reference to the source is required.

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