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20 April 2021

Quarantine restrictions force the management of the Free Economic Zone and the scientific and pedagogical staff to react quickly to modern requirements, to look for new forms and methods for conducting classes in an online format.

Teachers of the Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens face new questions every day, because knowledge of any foreign language, including Ukrainian, provides the main types of speech activity: listening, speaking, reading, writing. If you completely switch to online learning (or for a long time), then what means of teaching on the Internet to use?
Thus, for the organization and conduct of online classes, teachers of the Department of IPIG successfully use video conferencing, one of the most popular platforms, Google Meet. S. Zaitseva, assistant of the department, shares her experience.
The Google Meet platform is easy to use, requires no special skills from either the teacher or the students. The presence of a camera and a microphone allows you to see and hear all participants in real time. Thus, during classes, students develop the ability to make a presentation, discuss, form a rhetorical culture and more.
The "Screen Demonstration" function allows you to show educational material: textbooks, manuals, images. Thanks to it, the teacher can apply such an important principle of learning as clarity, which saves time, facilitates the assimilation of educational material, activates the learning process.
The "Video recording" function allows you to record and save the entire course of the lesson and, if necessary, view it. The global trend of recent years welcomes educational videos that would be easy to understand, visually appealing, understandable and easily accessible to students, as well as audio files (mp3, mp4).
The "Chat" function allows you to exchange information quickly.
Among the shortcomings of the work in the format of a video conference Google Meet S. Zaitseva notes the lack of control over the work of students during the lesson. The lack of a virtual board on which you can work at the same time also significantly complicates the work, but is compensated by the "imaginary board", using a Word document. Students at this time can see the material on their screens and write in notebooks. However, in live mode to check the correctness of writing the teacher does not have the opportunity as in the classroom.
Thus, the experience gained in using the Google Meet platform in the organization of online learning as a means of forming professional and communicative competence of foreign students in Ukrainian as a foreign language is valuable, allows the teacher to work with students in real time. The only exceptions are possible problems with the Internet, computers, mobile
equipment, fatigue, and as a result - a decrease in concentration. However, S. Zaitseva notes that no less important is the use of various forms of online learning, including not only video conferencing, but also forums, chat, social networks, mobile
applications, e-mail and others. Each teacher chooses the most convenient form.

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