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In March 2008, the Russian Language Department (now Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens) became a member of Ukrainian Association IATRLL (International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature). Associate Professor of the department Olha M. Volkova represents the Department at the International Forum of Russianists.

In 2011 teachers of the department established scientific and methodological connections with the Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin (Belarus).

In 2016, the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens continued cooperation with the Department of General and Russian linguistics of Brest State University (Belarus) and the Department of Russian Language and Methods of its Teaching of Slavic University of Baku (Azerbaijan).

During 2017-2019, the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens has found international partners among European educational institutions. In cooperation with the University of John the Evangelist Purkine (Czech Republic), Białystok University (Poland), National Agency of Slovakia under ERASMUS KA1 Program, staff of the department participated in scientific conferences, went through internships, gained new experience and shared their own achievements.

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