The scientific work of the department is focused on the study of a complex problem, which is determined by the approved state budget theme (without allocated fundings).

In 2011-2016 the department worked on a state budget theme «Competence Approach to the Teaching Ukrainian (Russian) Language as a Foreign Language» (state registration number: 0112U006040). Supervisor – Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogic Science, Larysa V. Bidenko. Within this theme was published 19 scientific articles in professional journals, 9 training materials, and manuals.

Since 2017, the department has been working on a new state budget theme (without allocated fundings «Forming the Linguistic, Sociocultural and Professional Competence of Foreign Students in the Modern Informational and Educational Space» (state registration number: 116U997552). Supervisor – Hanna V. Dyadchenko, Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Philological Sciences, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Department’s teachers fruitfully work on individual research topics, dissertational researches. Thus, Maryna M. Nabok, Candidate of Philological Sciences researches into the topic «Problems of Aesthetics of Ukrainian Folk Work in Modern Ethnology» (state registration number: 0112U006042)

Teachers of the Department are also involved in the implementation of projects that fill state orders. Nataliia A. Nimenko participated in the implementation of the research work on the topic № 15.01.10-01.15/17.ЗФ «Historical Development of the Border of Northeast Ukraine as a Means of Constructing All-National Historic Memory». The results of the work were reflected in the scientific publications and also used in the educational process.

Larysa V. Bidenko, Olha M. Volkova, Maryna M. Kazandzhyeva, Alla A. Sylka, Alla V. Rodenko, Alina V. Cherniakova and Maryna M. Nabok received individual grants to carry out scientific research.

For the last two years our teachers published:

  • 2 articles indexed by Scopus or Web of Science
  • 46 articles in foreign editions
  • 4 articles in specialized editions of Ukraine
  • 18 study guides
  • 10 guidelines
  • 243 articles and abstracts in other editions.

Olena V. Pokhilko defended her thesis research.


Scientific work with students


International students studying at the main faculties take an active part in various scientific conferences.

Since 2018, the department holds the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference «Наукова спільнота студентів ХХI століття» («Scientific Community of the Students of the XXI Century») (with international participation). The purpose of this conference is to involve student youth in science, to develop interest in new scientific knowledge and discoveries, to exchange experiences (electronic versions of the program and collections are attached).


Conference proceedings 2020

Conference proceedings 2019

Program 2019

Conference proceedings 2018

Foreign students under the supervision of teachers of the department also participate in conferences outside SSU, for example, in the annual conference of students, postgraduate students and young scientists «Етнічна самосвідомість та крос-культурна взаємодія» («Ethnic identity and cross-cultural interaction»), held by the Department of Practical Psychology of Sumy Pedagogical State University named after Anton S. Makarenko.

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