Participation of foreign students in the XXI All-Ukrainian radio dictation

15 November 2021
On November 9, 2021, from 10:00 to 11:00, the XXI All-Ukrainian Radio Dictation of National Unity took place in SSU. It was broadcast on all platforms of Public Broadcasting. The event traditionally took place on the Ukrainian Literature and Language Day – November 9. In the conditions of the red zone XXI the radio dictation in the classroom of SSU was written by a limited number of students of the native language. Therefore, it is important to note that our foreign students of the MC.m-837i group were among them.

How foreign students travel to Ukraine

05 November 2021
The most valuable thing you can hear from foreigners who come to Ukraine is their sincere feedback about our country, about Ukrainians, candid feelings and remembrances remaining in their memory.

The conquerors of Hoverla: who are they?

01 November 2021
Can each of us boast of having conquered Hoverla!? But medical students of the 5th course, SSU, can do it!!!

Emergent medical assistance to the victims increases the chances of the health care and safety of human life

19 October 2021
At the development programme «Bases of the emergency medical assistance», organized by the Development Center of the Staff Capacity SSU Senior Lecturer Hanna V. Diadchenko had the opportunity to master with the basic practical habits of the emergency medical assistance in case of the accidents and acute conditions of the patient.

The library is a world of new opportunities for students and teachers

29 September 2021
As part of the week leading up to the Day of Libraries, which will take place on September 30, foreign students of the 4th year of the Medical Institute under the guidance of the assistant of the Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens Zaitseva Stanislava visited the Central Library of SSU.

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